How to cheat the online casino slot machines?

How to cheat the online casino slot machines

If you think that there is no way how you can cheat the online casino slots, you are wrong. Actually, cheating is something illegal so we are not going to use it in a way that we can harm and manipulate the slot machines. We will give you different strategies of how you can “cheat” the slot games and make money from them. It is a longterm process and nothing is guaranteed.

Ways of cheating the casino slot machines?

If you are playing the old offline slot machines there are a few ways of how you can cheat them. For example, below we will share with you some of the old ways, practised by some of the best players who hit the jackpots once upon a time:

  • Cheat Code
  • Fake Coins
  • Magnet
  • Yo-Yo
  • Light Wand

Of course, there are other tricks but we cannot list all of them. After all, nowadays, everyone is playing at the online casinos. That is why we are going to provide you with tips and strategies to beat the online slots.

Software Programs

It will be difficult to hack and try to cheat an online casino slot game. Actually, if you are a pretty good developer you can make software which can manipulate the spins of the slot machine. It will be difficult and probably a very long process before you are able to create something like this. But once you do it, you will have an incredible chance to hit the huge jackpots.

You can also pay someone to do it. But after all, it is still an illegal way of playing in the online casinos. For example, our online casino is banning such bad intentions. If we understand that you are going to do something like this, you will be immediately suspended. So, take it easy and play fair.

The Practice is the Best Key to Win From the Slots

All you need to do in order to win from the online slots is to practise a lot. You need to play again and again before you can get familiar with everything. It will be difficult and hard in the beginning. There are many things you need to follow such as lines, reels, stake etc. Try to be careful when you start playing slots initially. No one wants to lose a big amount of money. Especially, in the beginning when everything is so new to you. Try to play mostly slot machines with bonus games and always search for some free spins offers. Our Australian online casino is having already some great promotions for free spins. Check them out, they can help you to practise even more.

Steps for Being a Successful Online Slot Machines Player

There are some very simple steps which will indeed help you to be more successful at the different online slots. We cannot guarantee you something sure if you follow them but surely your chances will be significantly be improved.

  1. Set your own banking limits and try not to exceed them!
  2. Try not to follow your emotions when there is a losing streak!
  3. Do not overthink as this may lead to big losses!
  4. If you are ahead, tend to quit!

Please note that if you are choosing an online slot with a bigger RTP or payout percentage is not guaranteeing you more winnings. The same applies if you are choosing to play slots with a progressive jackpot prize. Do not push your luck and take it easy! After all, the slots are created to make you more relaxed.

Are the Online Casino Slots Being Manipulated?

One of the most frequent questions which are being asked by the players is: Do Casinos Manipulate the Online Slots? It is normal for you to ask yourself such questions. We are sure that when you are in a very negative or losing streak, you think that we are manipulating the slots.

Actually, this is not true at all! If you have no luck recently and you are losing money, this means that someone else (another player) is making a progress. Believe us, there is no point for the online casinos to scam or deceive their players! So, sit comfortably on your couches and play some slots!

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