How to Win Pokies Every Time?

How to Win Pokies Every Time

ave you ever wondered is it possible to win each time, playing online pokies? Actually, this is almost impossible but we can show you how you can maximise your winnings. Pokies are not something simple and you need to spend some time exploring them, trying to understand how they are working.

Once you are ready, you can start playing.

Making a Winning Strategy

Before you can start playing online pokies and try to win each time, you will surely need to have a strategy. There are many tips shared on the internet but are they working? It is extremely difficult to write that you can win each time. Actually, it is almost impossible. But indeed there are some very useful tips which you can follow in order to maximise your winnings.

The most important thing is to build your own unique strategy. Below we are going to share with you some tips which can be used from you. Once you read them, you will surely have a better vision and deep understanding of what strategy you can decide to choose.

  • Practice the different online pokies with virtual/demo money.
  • Try to control yourself (when losing or winning force yourself to stop).
  • Find different tips on the internet, trying strategies like Martingale etc.
  • Do not stake everything, use only 2-3% of your balance.
  • Play wisely and do not me too emotional (slots are created for fun).

The Best Winning Tip is the Practice

There are thousands of online pokies all over the internet. It is really hard to to find the best one. Yes, you can rely on the RTP rate or maybe the jackpot prize but this will not every time make you a winner. After all, you are trying to beat not only the house but the other players playing it at the same time. If you are losing, it means that someone else is currently winning.

Our piece of advice to all of you, who are new to the online pokies and you are just starting, try to get familiar with the different online slots and their storylines. Try to choose games with bonus games, free spins and other promotions. All kind of freebies will be very highly welcomed by you. Once you are confident enough that you know how one online slot is behaving, you can proceed and continue with the next tips.

Control Yourself, Show Huge Self-Discipline

If you do not have patience and you cannot control your emotions, you will have almost no chance of winning. Here, we are not writing about beating the pokies each time. Winning from the online slots require huge nerves and absolutely strict self-discipline. This means that if you are winning you need to stop because the luck may disappear. If you are losing a lot, you have to either reduce your stake (lower your pay lines) or to quit for a while. There is absolutely no player who can win constantly, playing pokies.

Staking/Spinning Wisely

Always be careful how much lines you select and what is going to be your maximum stake. Sometimes, your funds can disappear pretty fast, without a notice. It is an unwritten rule that you will need to stake around 2-3% of your account balance. Anything above this can force you to lose your money with very fast temps.

Martingale as a Part of Staking Wisely

As a part of staking wisely, you can try the strategy called Martingale or also known as martingales. This is a strategy where you are double staking after each lost round. It is not very good to be used on pokies but sometimes if your bank balance is good enough and your preferred slot is having big limits, why not!

A Doze of Chance is Always Needed

In conclusion, without the chance, you cannot always win from the pokies. Luck is a very important part of online casinos. If you do not have it, it will be incredible hard for you to win occasionally. Winning at pokies each time is very difficult but if you are smart enough to think of your own unique strategy and follow it, maybe you will have all the chances to succeed. In the meantime, join our Australian Online Casino site and start practising the online pokies we offer.

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