What Online Slots Pay Real Money?

What Online Slots Pay Real Money In GoldenCrown Casino

There are thousands of online slots currently. Many of them are very simple, while others are with amazing storylines. The decision which slots you need to play is pretty difficult, especially, when there are also slots with progressive jackpots. We can assure you that all online slots are giving you the chance to win real money.

Some of them can even gift you with bonus games. But these bonus games can easily be converted into cash again. The only slots which are not paying real money are the slots with the free spins. You can have still real money but you need to follow certain wagering conditions. Later in the article, we will explain this topic.

Online Slots Paying Real Money

Nowadays, all online casino slots are paying real money. Of course, there are some terms and conditions you need to meet in order to get money from them. For example, if you have a free spins offer, you need to wager the free spins first and then you can have the real money.

There are many gaming providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft etc. who are offering amazing slots with incredible payout rate. So, no matter what kind of slot you choose to play, you have the chance to get real money from it.

Can I Play With Virtual Money Instead?

Yes, you can! There are many online casinos who are offering their customers to try a certain slot game with demo money. You will have a virtual balance which you can spend for spinning and getting to know the slot. We are proud to announce that our Australian online casino is having the option “Play for Fun”. Each player needs to know the storyline of the different slots they are about to play first. In addition, all slots were created to make people relaxed!

Benefits of Playing Slots with Virtual Money

There are a few advantages when you play with virtual money. We will try to provide some of them so you can be much more informed when you are about to start playing slots.

  • You do not worry about any losses.
  • The feeling of playing for fun make you relaxed.
  • You are not required to follow different terms and conditions.

What is a Payout Rate or Percentage?

After we understood that we can get paid from the online slots and we can even play them with virtual money just for fun, it is time to explain what is a payout rate. In order to get real money from the slots, we need to know a few details about our beloved casino game.

The payout percentage or rate is the average amount of money which will be returned to a player under the form of winnings, compared to the amount that the player was wagered. Each casino needs to pay the gaming providers and the money from the payout rate goes for this.

Usually, all online casinos are having a payout rate of around 92% to 98%. It depends on the brand and the gaming providers. A lower payout percentage does not mean that you will not win from the slot.

Can I Get Real Money From Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive Jackpot Slots are the same as the normal slots. The difference is that a jackpot is being accumulated when more players are playing there. A few percentages of the staked amount is going for the so-called jackpot. There are many real paying money jackpot slots which even registered Guinness records. Below you can see some of the biggest jackpot hits of all time:

  1. Mega Fortune - €17,861,800
  2. Mega Fortune - €11,736,375
  3. Mega Moolah - €8,577,204

Online Slots Which Pay Real Money

To sum up, all online slots are paying real money. Only the online slots which are created for fun just to fill your free time cannot pay you anything. On our online casino website, you will find more than 100 slots, provided from the best gaming providers. We can assure you that all of them are paying real money and there is absolutely zero percent chance to get scammed. Nothing is going to be manipulated, so relax and try some of them!

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