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Casino Bonus: Everything About Promotions

Best Casino Bonus for You

Best Casino Bonus for You

What’s a good gambling site without a list of incredible bonuses? Bonuses benefit both the player and the casino. That makes them a vital part of the gambling field. Players from all around the world can earn their free spins bonus and sign up bonus to play their favorite games and win big. A lot of sites are happy to credit you a max deposit bonus to attract new players. This is something to look out for.

Everything associated with large bonuses and promotions is a big topic of iGaming. That makes a lot of sense- it’s impossible for a casino to succeed without full circle advertisements and a great game selection, like blackjack, roulette, and online slots. Bonus campaigns are the best way to attract players to a specific casino. That’s why it’s so important to understand how bonuses work. Bonuses are so important to any casino business and its players.

This guide will walk through the many kinds of bonuses that exist so you know what to look for and understand what they mean. More importantly, it will talk about what you should look for while searching for the best casino bonuses. In addition, it will talk about how bonuses work for new players in our platform. We firmly believe that it is vital to keep a good balance between enormous promises in advertisements and a fully immersive experience in live blackjack. Keep reading to learn about every time of bonus, free spins, wagering requirements, and other things to keep an eyes out for if you want to find the perfect casino to play.

It might feel like an impossible feat for the inexperienced player to understand all of the bonuses you can find on the market. This is because casino sites are constantly coming up with new ways to get new players. Games actually aren’t their sole focus. However, because of the number of casino sites, it is nearly impossible to invent a bonus that is completely new. So casinos usually just get innovative and give old bonuses new names so they seem new to the player.

The reason it’s nearly impossible to come up with a new bonus is that so many of them already exist. Players can get overwhelmed when they see how many promo campaigns exist, coming from hundreds of platforms. That’s why we invented this guide, to walk you through what bonuses are out there and what they all mean. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the iGaming community or have been gambling online for years- this guide will be helpful for everyone, regardless of experience level. It is always great to learn something new, even if you thought you already knew everything there is to know. If you came across this guide, it definitely means you’re looking to find a gaming site that you can trust.

We always go the extra mile to make sure our customers and readers have the best time possible. One of the ways we do that is through our large casino bonus range. Keep reading this guide to learn more about every single type of the most recent bonuses and how they are implemented (if applicable) in our arsenal of games.

Mobile Bonuses: Are They Any Different from the Rest of Bonuses and Promotions?

Mobile Bonuses: Are They Any Different from the Rest of Bonuses and Promotions

The answer to this question completely depends on the specific online casino you’re talking about. Some sites try to drive traffic to their mobile platforms by creating bonuses that can only be unlocked if you’re using your phone. But we like to give everyone the same opportunities for winning. Golden Crown’s bonus codes are available to all players, no matter whether you’re using a desktop or a phone. That’s so that you can easily switch between playing games on your mobile device to playing on your computer and still get the same fantastic bonuses!

What is a Sign Up Bonus

Without a doubt, sign up bonuses are the most common and most recognizable casino bonus out of all the bonuses that casinos use in the world. It is so popular because it is the best way to lure new players to play new and different games. A sign up bonus immediately catches the attention of the player. That’s why you hear about this bonus so much because it’s the beginning point to huge winnings through an easy bonus code. Now, this guide will go in depth on how this casino bonus works and why players are so drawn to it.

As it is obvious from the name of this bonus, it is intended to draw in new players to a specific gaming platform. It does this by giving players extra money when they sign up. Clients typically decide whether to join an online casino based on a couple distinct characteristics. Some of the most important features that people tend to look for in a casino are: an easy-to-use design and gaming interface, the inclusion of their favorite table games and cards, a bunch of different ways to withdraw their monetary winnings, and the trustworthiness and reputation of the online gaming platform. In a lot of scenarios, the monetary worth of the welcome bonus has the heaviest impact on the player’s decision.

How do I claim a welcome bonus?

How do I claim a welcome bonus

First, create a new account in a casino where you didn’t have one before.

Next, make your first minimum deposit after completing the verification process. Some websites or mobile apps might require you to get a bonus code for the promotion to work.

A max matching bonus is added to your account. That means if the registration bonus is at 100% capacity, depositing $50 will get you an entire $100, or depositing $100 will get you an entire $200 and so forth. The money is immediately deposited to your balance.

For example, imagine someone finds a casino that is a perfect match of what they’re looking for: layout, games, and winning chances. In this scenario, they will then look at the registration bonus and see if it’s enough. Generally speaking, the sign up bonuses have nothing to do with the quality of the games at the casino. But it gives casinos huge points in terms of winning players over. In this way, the sign up bonus mutually benefits both the player and the casino.

This can be seen as an example of generous business ethics because it shows that the casino wants to treat their players well. Players have to make a max deposit and enter a promotional code to get the sign up bonus. By putting in a deposit, the player shows that they are serious about playing at that particular casino. In return, the casino gives its new player extra money to bet on their games. This shows that the casino has financial stability if it can hand out extra money to the players. In summary, a welcome bonus is a situation where both the player and casino win.

No Deposit Bonus- Keep What You Win

We’ve talked about max deposit bonus promotions, which, as stated before, is the most commonly offered bonus on the web. It draws in the most first customers and is often the most searched for bonus because of its huge appeal. But it is also important to look at the casino bonus that is the second most sought after when it pertains to the most current online bonuses and cash prizes from casino games. Obviously, we’re discussing no deposit bonus, otherwise known as a “keep what you win” bonus.

The lure of this particular bonus is easy to understand. It is nearly the exact same promotion as the matching max deposit bonus that is given as a welcome bonus when players register to a new casino. But a no deposit bonus is even more appealing because you don’t have to put any deposit into your account in order to get this bonus. That means you get money without paying any. The only thing you have to do is enter a promotional code and play games and win. This is why players often search for this type of bonus because they want to earn some more money without having to put down any cash.

But the no deposit bonus is slowly becoming old news. When online casinos first began to pop up, it was really popular to give out no deposit bonus codes to attract new players. These codes attracted thousands of new players to new websites, but there came to develop a downside. “Bonus-hunters” are people who take advantage of the no deposit bonus and would sign up for multiple sites and then simply withdraw the bonus without playing any games. This was extremely harmful to the online casinos.

Because of bonus-hunters, casino websites started to lose tremendous amounts of money and as a result got rid of the no deposit bonus. This is why it’s so hard to find online casinos that provide a no deposit bonus promotional code, because sites have decided to use them minimally to avoid losing large sums of money. When they are put in place today, they are usually tied with very high wagering requirements to make sure the website doesn’t lose a lot of money. Instead, you can get a no deposit bonus after being a consistent player on any specific website. But these bonuses aren’t going to be anything huge because you’ll get no more than $5 on average to play only a few games.

In conclusion, no deposit bonuses are extremely appealing, and a lot of players still search for them. But you should be aware that sites that promise to give you huge cash sums without any minimum deposits are probably big scams. Websites don’t hand out free money because it hurts their business. It’s that simple.

How to Claim Free Spins

How to Claim Free Spins

As we talked about the exclusive no deposit bonus in the section prior to this, it is now time to talk about another promotion that people think is free cash. Of course, we’re going to be discussing free spins. However, the name of this promotion doesn’t accurately reflect what it is. It should really be called “extra spins in slot games” to be completely accurate. So let’s talk about how free spin bonuses really work and how a player can get them.

To be concise, free spin gives you the power to make a spin on a specific Vegas slot and make cash without actually betting any of your money. To a point, free spins bonus was invented to substitute the no deposit bonus. Casino websites quickly caught on that it creates many less losses than giving out free money. Instead, they decided to let players play video slot games and make real cash without actually betting any of their money. Players from around the world really liked this concept. That’s why free spins bonus is such a staple of every gaming platform nowadays.

In case it wasn’t obvious from the title, free splints are designed to be used on video slots because they are the most often played casino cage today. Typically, free spins bonus promotes a specific Vegas slot or a group of video slot games from the same website. The concept behind that is because everyone loves free spins and everything about it. So if a new Vegas slot is invented, there is no better way to promote it than to offer free spins bonus to players to entice them to try out the new game.

The most important question is: how can a player claim a free spins bonus? The answer is, free spins bonus is typically attached to almost every bonus there is. If you get a sign up bonus, there is probably a free spins bonus attached. If a new Vegas slot comes out, the provider will give you a free spins bonus to promote the new game/ Are you playing in a bunch of casino tournaments? You will almost definitely earn free spins bonus for playing. In this way, a free spins bonus is the easiest bonus to claim, because no specific bonus code is typically needed to claim them.

Loyalty Programs: The Best Bonus for Dedicated Players

Loyalty programs are the perfect fit for players who want to play on one specific casino regularly. Just like the sign up bonus, it is a highlight of how bonuses can profit both the player and the casino. This promotion shows that iGaming sites are very invested in increasing their number of players who become loyal to the website because that creates a sustainable income for the website. On the other hand, players want to win prizes for being so dedicated to casino games on one specific website. The best part of this bonus is that you don’t have to enter any promo codes to claim it. Now let’s talk about how these bonus code offers function for the player.

On all trusted and high quality gaming sites, the bonus works easily. The only action you need to take to qualify for these casino bonus offers is to create an active account and play for real cash. No promotional code is needed. Every time you make a max betting on a certain amount of cash, this becomes converted into complimentary points (CP).

CPs set your status within the website. When you collect an abundance of CPs, you will reach a minimum amount of CPs needed for each level, and you will win a new tier of rewards. It’s easy, effective, and fun for the player. These are all things that players want to find in their casino experience. The best part is that you get real money back. Every trustworthy website gives you the chance to convert CPs into real cash. The exchange rate gets better and better with every new level you unlock.

Can I Participate in a Lottery?

Can I Participate in a Lottery

The answer to this question is very easy: yes, you can participate in a lottery! Lotteries are decently popular on gaming platforms, but the main problem is that they’re not as popular as the other bonuses that you can make a whole list out of. The option of casinos where you can get this bonus is limited, and we’re sorry to say it’s not currently available in Golden Star. But this guide will still explain how it works for the sake of being thorough.

The overriding principle is exactly the same as in real life lotteries. The player buys a ticket that qualifies them for winning a lot of money. Each ticket is unique, and the ticket, or tickets, that win is given out randomly. You can buy as many tickets as you want. Lottery is a game of risk and chance because there isn’t any way to outsmart it or use a strategy. Many guides have already covered this topic, so we’re trying to provide a quick overview.

Casino lotteries are played the exact same way as we described. The only difference is that your odds in the lottery increase if you make a max deposit of real cash into your account on the website. That way, you can increase your odds at winning because the amount of money you put in directly impacts your ticket’s price. Again, this technique is profitable because it is a win-win for both the players and the casinos.

We’re going to explain how the lottery is implemented in online casino gaming platforms. Every time you put money into your account, you can buy a ticket to participate in the lottery. If you replenish small values, for example amounts smaller than 50EUR, then the ticket price will be maybe as high as 10 EUR for each ticket. But in another scenario, you make a max payment valued at 1000 EUR or higher. In that scenario, the ticket’s price lowers to just 3 EUR for each ticket.

We are strong believers that this is the best way to participate in a lottery online. If you can afford to bet a lot of money on your max deposit bonus that is used for playing slots, then why not put a few euros towards buying some lottery tickets? They would be very low in price, and they very well might be lucky and get you some big cash earnings. The lottery prizes usually consist of real cash and free spins bonus offers with a very low wager so that everyone can participate.

Cashback Bonus Is One of the Best Gambling Deals

This is truly one of the best bonus offers out there. The biggest worry is that it is even harder to find than it is to find lotteries, because the number of sites that offer it is extremely low. New casinos are especially rare to offer this type of bonus. This promotion is very hard to implement when you have all the other latest bonuses already on your gaming site.

So how exactly does the cashback bonus work on gambling websites? Nearly the same as in real life, really. The one difference is that in real life you get cashback for spending money, whereas on casino sites, you get cashback for losing money in games. It is nearly impossible to find a casino website that would give you cashback for depositing money into your account. The reason why is extremely simple: casino websites would lose a lot of money from doing so, and it would make no sense as a business model.

This is why websites would only give you the bonus on your net loss, if they offer the bonus at all. One of the main causes why this bonus is one of the best ones is because it is hands-off for the user. All you do is play your favorite video slots, and negative streaks are bound to happen while you play. The website in turn automatically figures out your cashback based on your total loss in a one week period. Then the casino credits it to your account as a real money deposit. Many new players would love this bonus model because it is so easy and you earn money even while you’re losing, but it is really hard to find on the best sites.

How to Understand Terms and Conditions of Bonuses

How to Understand Terms and Conditions of Bonuses

On all iGaming websites, terms and conditions are really important factors that set the rules on how bonus offers function. This is why you must be really familiar with them. Fully-licensed and reputable casinos like Golden Crown that are reliable always have their terms and conditions freely available for all their users to accept. In addition, all conditions, especially the ones about bonus rules, should be easy to understand. That means no fine prints or hidden terms should exist in these agreements. If you are confused by any aspect of the terms and conditions of the website you are using, you can always contact the customer service center and they won’t mind explaining it to you.

That being said, what is the best way to fully understand the terms and conditions of your gambling bonuses? The only way to really understand them is to read them slowly and carefully. Reading reviews can also help. What you should really be looking out for is the wagering requirements that line up with the particular bonus you’re interested in. The wager is the main part of the bonus that can easily confuse new players. But if you make sure to accept terms and conditions only when you fully understand them, then you’ll never again be in a situation where a casino bonus didn’t work out the way you expected it to based on the terms and conditions.

Wagering Explained: What is It and How to Wager

To make everything really simple, it’s important to start with an understandable definition of a wager. What is a wager when you’re on a casino site? Simply put, wagering obliges you to stake a max amount of money multiple times to earn a specific casino bonus. This requirement is sometimes called “playthrough” or “rollover” by casino players. These titles kind of represent what wagering is.

You still might be confused on how wagering works. The best way to explain things like this is to give real-life examples with numbers attached. Imagine that you get a 100 EUR welcome bonus through a promo code, and the wagering requirement for that particular bonus is 20x times. In short, the wager rate is a multiplier that you have to apply to your max bonus amount. In this scenario, we multiply the 100 EUR by the 20 multiplier and you get a 2000 EUR wager. That means that your bonus money and all the winnings you might claim from it will only be available to withdraw after you’ve made bets for 2000 EUR in total, which is 20x times rollover of the 100 EUR bonus).

So, in all, the principle seems really simple: you just keep playing with your bonus money. Eventually, the sum you accumulate from all your betting will reach your wagering requirement after you’ve placed enough bets enough times. Then you can withdraw the wins you made through your bonus. Don’t forget that wagers have expiration dates so you need to playthrough all of it before it expires. Different casinos give different amounts of time to fulfill the wager.

But a couple of added on requirements make wagering a tiny bit harder to meet if you don’t follow them carefully. To begin, there is always a max bet amount for wagering. It differs from each casino to another, so you always need to check how much you should stake to make sure your betting counts towards your wager.

The second rule that is often overlooked by players is the contribution of games. It simply means that games from different categories count towards different max wagering amounts. To illustrate, video slots almost always give a 100% contribution. That means all the money that you bet on slots counts as wagering of bonuses. But some table games, where the house edge is very low and winning is easier, sometimes only contribute 5-10% to wagering so you have to place a lot more bets in order to meet your wagering requirement. When you do this, there’s a risk that you won’t have enough time to fulfill the playthrough rules.

That means you should always check the wagering requirements before you start to play with a casino bonus. Licensed casinos always explain their wagering requirements in a simple manner, and you can always find their bonus terms and conditions. You choose for yourself if you want to play with the latest bonuses or not. Trusted casinos with a valid license never force their players to play with a generous bonus. It is always up to the players. There are a lot of systems to help you find new casinos that have the bonuses you want. But these websites secure themselves with wagering requirements that are explained in the terms and conditions. So use bonuses to your advantage!

Casino Bonus FAQ

Casino Bonus FAQ

What is a casino bonus?

Simply put, a casino bonus is a specific amount of real money or free spins that are given to players by an online casino to keep them engaged with their specific gaming platform. Bonuses are always given on very specific conditions that the players should know about, so casino bonuses are not simply free cash.

Can you withdraw casino bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw your casino bonus, but only when you meet all the wagering requirements. Just as we said before, bonuses aren’t just free money. Casinos would go out of business quickly if you could simply take the bonus money and instantly withdraw it. So definitely check the bonus terms and conditions before you sign up to get a certain bonus.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

You can use bonuses as a way to explore a new casino without using too much of your own money. If you want to do this, casino bonuses are a really good tool. You can even make a good amount of winnings from them and withdraw the money easily. But you won’t be able to just take a bonus and withdraw it immediately because that would put online casinos out of business.

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